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Because, all skins deserve to be sublimated

NYA PARIS COSMETICS helps all womens who want to take care of themselves in their daily beauty routine.
1 deliberately simplified routine to allow you to go to the essential, natural ingredients carefully selected for their proven effectiveness.


Wild carrot floral water


INCI : Daucus carota - water


For this lotion, we wanted a raw, additive-free product that cares for the skin without smothering it.

We decided to distill the wild carrot flower by hand (carrot root) and it is with the liquid extracted from this plant that we designed the lotion. 

Rich in beta-carotene and vitamins B, C and E, the Nya Paris face lotion is entirely natural and organic. 


The lotion can be kept away from light and heat for up to 3 months after opening
No potential allergens 

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